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From the Hive to Your Home

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Welcome to D's Bees

and our "Products from the Hive".

We hope that you will not only LOVE the products, but will also find the information in this site interesting and beneficial to your well BEE-ing.


We strive to keep products as simple and natural as possible.  Yes - we could add coloring and glitter - BUT WE DON'T.  NO GOOEY, GLOSSY, GUNK ADDED - EVER.

2014 was...

STRANGE? Hives that should have been in their PRIME production - had NO INTEREST in making extra honey for us.  So overall honey production was down.


But on the bright side, I got to enjoy TWO ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL HIVES.  They were HUGE beyond HUGE - full of bees.  It's really a pleasure be be amongst that much BUZZZZZ.