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About OUR hives....and beekeeping:

I'm passionate about beekeeping. I'm the "D" in D's Bees.


Why/How did I get into beekeeping? Some winters ago - I "got a bee in my bonnet" and searched the net for beekeeping info. I'm an avid gardener and I thought that beekeeping would be a great way to GIVE BACK/contribute in a positive way to my environment (and provide for my own pollination!)


Support for all your questions regarding bees and beekeeping is CLOSER than you think! There are a variety of bee suppliers right here in Wisconsin as well as groups of beekeepers and clubs who will willingly share information with you.


Hire a local beekeeper to give a presentation at your school or organization. Bees ARE SO INNATELY INTERESTING - leave an extra hour for questions! And you may find with a little searching - THERE ARE LIKELY BEEKEEPING CLASSES offered in your area. In our area - FOND DU LAC - beekeeping classes are offered annually through the UW Extension service. We offer beginning classes and advanced classes. We find that our offerings aren't ONLY for beginners - we have "old" beekeepers returning to brush up on skills.


You know the saying, "DO AS I SAY - NOT AS I DO"? Don't do what I did to get a start on beekeeping. GET TO KNOW ANOTHER KEEPER before you purchase equipment and find out what's available in your area. You both need and WANT the support - you will have DOZENS of questions - that can only be answered by one with experience.

Our Bee Blog

ECWBA (East Central Wisconsin Beekeepers Association). If you're thinking about bees and want more information - THIS IS ONE PLACE TO FIND IT! Can I invite you to join me for a club meeting?


ECWBA website/blog

We offer beekeeping this site for updates.



Wisconsin State Bee Inspector





October 2017.

It's been a good year - I've almost DOUBLED my hives this year.  One successful EARLY SPLIT and two SWARM CATCHES - one, my own!

We're putting lucky number 13 to bed for winter this year.


xing fingers and toes - always.

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