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This question pops up from time to time."I'M ALLERGIC TO BEES - WILL I BE ALLERGIC TO YOUR PRODUCTS?"


When most people say this - they're referring to being ALLERGIC TO THE STING of a bee or wasp. The stings VENOM is also coursing it's way through the bloodstream - causing your reaction.


The area from which a honeybee secretes beeswax is very different and separate from the STING. Beeswax can be found in many common products such as lip balm, candles, lotions, perfumes, shoe polish, chewing gum and dental floss!


What is Beeswax? Beeswax is naturally secreted from glands on the bees abdomen. They use it to build honeycomb. Beeswax taken from the hive contains pollen and propolis - a resin the bees make from trees, flowers and other botanical sources. It's likely that the pollen/propolis is the triggering factor - causing Type IV dermatitis in some people.


Symptoms: Type IV dermatitis is redness and swelling of the skin. IT IS RARE for someone to be allergic to beeswax - even when they're allergic to bees.


Treatment: STOP USING THE PRODUCT. If you suspect an irritation, wash and remove the product.




Sorry - NO HONEY BEARS!!!! NO HONEY IN PLASTIC!!!. All of our honey is in GLASS JARS - which can be rewarmed from crystallization....ever see what happens to a honey bear when you put it in the microwave? Someone call Animal Health & Protective Services!


Color and flavor variation is common from year to the bees resources of nectar changes. Generally, the darker the honey - the more "flavorful". Remember that when you're enjoying your honey - you are TASTING A MOMENT IN TIME - that flower will never bloom again.


Crystallized honey has NOT "gone bad". Let's change our perception of of crystallization! "CRYSTALLIZATION IS A BADGE OF HONOR" - it means you have REAL HONEY (UNPROCESSED) FROM THE HIVE...and not through an INDUSTRIALIZED PROCESS. Many times, the honey from the store shelf doesn't crystallize because it's been HEATED (pasteurized), ULTRA-FILTERED and in worse case scenario, blended with corn syrup!




The FDA prevents us from making "claims" about our products - for example: "It will heal your skin." (then it would be considered a drug and require testing and documentation). No warranties or claims are made on our products - expressed or implied. You can only try it for yourself.


What we CAN tell you is we stand behind our mantra of: Back to basics! NO GOOEY, GLOSSY, GUNK ADDED. We LIKE the idea of creating PURE, BASIC recipes. Good ingredients = Good product.  The products with BASE OILS (no added scents) are gentle enough to use around eyes. (BaBee). For those of you who have SUPER SENSITIVE skin - the SHEA BUTTER is likely better for you than the Cocoa Butter.



About Balms (ingredients)

OLIVE OIL: "Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil - yes - the kind you EAT. If you can eat it, surely you can put it on your skin! Olive Oil attracts external moisture and holds the moisture close to the skin - it forms a breathable film to prevent the loss of internal moisture. Olive Oil does not block the natural functions of the skin. It's neutral enough to use around eyes.  Extra virgin olive oil has some NATURAL SCENT and sometimes we get into a batch that is more "flavorable" than others.  Our olive oil bases are NOT scent-free, they are "naturally scented".


BEESWAX: Helps create a barrier - melting into the oils to help keep moisture IN the skin. Our BEESWAX comes from our hives!


HONEY, PROPOLIS and POLLEN: And try as we might to "clean" the wax cappings from our honey harvest - our beeswax DOES INCLUDE traces of honey, propolis and pollen. Our wax is cleaned by human hands and not super-refining machines.


COCOA BUTTER: (also known as Cacao butter) contains a large number of different antioxidants that act synergistically to present a massive offensive against the free radicals which lead to premature aging and as such, is the ideal skin care product. <link to article>


SHEA BUTTER: Used as a moisturizer during winter months since cold weather is especially hard on skin. Shea butter works as a protectant and intensive moisturizer. Its most well-known use worldwide, however, is for cosmetic purposes in natural skin care. Shea butter has become widely known in North America, Asia and Europe for its soothing and revitalizing skin care properties. The butter is high in vitamins A, D, and E, and fatty acids similar to the skin's natural oils. <link to article>


LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL: <link to article>


"OUR SCENTS/FLAVORS": All the scents/flavors are cosmetic grade. NO Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) - so buy with confidence! <link to article>



About our SOAPS

Soaps are provided as "While Supplies Last" - We make small batches...VEGETABLE-BASED HOMEMADE SOAPS: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil. They're all hand-cut, hand-wrapped and around 4 ozs. They lather beautifully with little effort - they last a LONG time!


DO you know the difference between SOAP and DETERGENT? Here's the short version:

DETERGENTS are made from petroleum products, foaming agents and alcohols (surfactants), usually heavily scented with cheap, synthetic, artificial fragrances and preservatives (parabens). WHY are these products made? - They're CHEAP TO PRODUCE, make good profits, have a long shelf-life and "clean" in ALL water types (hard/soft).


SOAPS are made with natural products (animal or plant fat and lye) There are no by-products. The soap going down your drain biodegradable. Soaps have a pH that is between 9.5 and 10 (alkaline). High quality soaps are made with oils such as coconut, palm, castor, or olive oils. In our products - when used, scent oils are DIBUTYL PHTHALATE FREE!!!


The internet is a great source of material for NATURAL HAIR and BODY care ideas...Search: "Soap vs Detergent" • "Natural Hair Care" • "Natural Body Care" • "Green Housekeeping"




Shampoo Bars are provided as "While Supplies Last" - We make small batches...VEGETABLE-BASED HOMEMADE SHAMPOO BARS: Coconut, Palm, Avocado, Wheat, Jahoba, Castor Oils. They're all hand-cut, hand-wrapped and around 4 ozs. They lather beautifully with little effort - they last a LONG time!


The purpose of washing your washing YOUR SCALP. The reason for going to a product like this is to get away from STRIPPING YOUR HAIR and SCALP of all it's NATURAL oils...and maintaining your scalp's NATURAL PH.


There is a greater PRICE you're paying for the use of ALL THOSE BIG FOAMY PRODUCTS? (besides all the bottles in your cupboard: shampoo, conditioner, mousse, jell,'s a big hair care circle!) Take it from someone who grows, maintains, and donates LONG hair.

Honey is not for babies!

Although honey is a natural, healthy food that normally doesn't support bacterial life, it can carry C. botulinum spores which may harm undeveloped immune systems of infants.


Infants' (up to one year of age) immune systems are not yet developed enough to fend off this normally benign strain. By the age of one year, most children have developed enough to resistance.


It should be noted that the botulism spore can also be found in dust, soil and other uncooked foods that older children and adults are exposed to daily.


The risk is minimal. Yet, it is avoidable.

the buzz....

the consumption of crystallized and/or SPUN honey is really popular in Europe - actually preferred in some parts. Crystallizing means - you have the REAL stuff. Fun things to do with your crystallized honey: WHIP IT! WHIP IT GOOD! whipping it will turn it into SPUN HONEY. add a bit of "orange flavor"....oh yummy.

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