• Raw Natural HONEY

from the "Holyland"


• Oil & Beeswax BALMS


• Homemade Vegetable

Based SOAPS & Shampoo Bars


• Glycerin Soap

& Shampoo bars


• Honey-THemed



• Chemical free &

Alternative Skin Care

From the Hive to Your Home

Our Beekeeping Philosophy:

We think we SPOIL our bees.  Their equipment is maintained and "the beekeeper" helps out when there's trouble.  Our beehives are sheltered and the yard and surrounding area are ABUZZ with bees in the grasslands (background image on the site) and in the trees along "the ledge".


Our Product Philosophy:

Keep it simple - stick close to nature.  As to why I chose to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the balm products...you can eat it - you can surely put it on your face.  That first pressing of the olive has more "character" to it.


I refuse to add glitter and colors to products - NO GOOEY GLOSSY GUNK ADDED.


• About our HONEY, our PRODUCTS & INGREDIENT choices, our philosophy on good clean living.


• A little PEAK inside beekeeping


• How and Why does a honeybee make honey?

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