From the Hive to Your Home

The History

We can't resist picking up a HONEY POT when we find them. They might have come from a rummage sale or an antique mall or resale shop. We try to represent their flaws accurately and whole-y - THEY ARE USED and sold AS IS.


Ordering Info

We had so many scammers hitting this page and wanting us to send a TRUCKLOAD of honeypots to Liberia...that we took the direct paypal features off. If you see something here that you like, please just email or call. We can generate a paypal invoice (all we need is an email address) and your item will be shipped as soon as we receive payment. YOU DO NOT have to have a paypal account to pay via paypal - you can use whatever payment method you choose.

Honey Meils (Pots)  For quick & easy access to your LIQUID GOLD

This page last updated: 11/7/2014. The HEIGHT is listed first, then width ROUND

White Daisies: 4 x 4R

"Block Basics". One petal on the top flower has the slightest chip out of it (mostly not visible) Says "hand-painted". The clear glaze over the top has some fracturing in it - in the glaze only. Does not effect it's beauty. $15

Blanco: 3.5 x 3.5R

This little beauty sports a matching SPOON. It's cute, plain and unassuming - would fit anywhere. Perfect. $8

Light Blue Pfaltzgraff: 4 x 4R

In perfect shape. $12

Grape Jelly: 5 x 3.5R

Appears to be handpainted. "Italy" on the bottom. Has a matching SPOON. $12

Bees & Flowers: 5 x 3.5R

Appears to be new "China". $12

Honey Comb: 5 x 4R

Very Nice. Very Tiny chips on the lid edge from use, TINY little chip on back wing of top bee. This is a NICE SIZE! $15

Honey Spout: 5 x 3.5R

This one's not designed for a dipper - it's designed for pouring/drizzling. I believe this is VINTAGE and in excellent shape. $16

Honey Meil - Gold: 3 x 3R

NEW - I think these are mass market gift items. cute none-the-less. There are TWO of these! $8

Honey Meil - Glass: 3 x 2.5R

You'll never wonder how much honey is left in this one! We have THREE of these in original packaging. $8

HUGO!!! : 6 x 6R

By far the BIGGEST vessel we have. It does not have a dipper nor is it meant for one - but it has HANDLES! $25

Meant to BEE: 3 x 2.5R

Definitely a wedding/shower item/table gift. We have FOUR of them in original packaging - ready to REGIFT :) $8

60's? 70's?: 6 x 4R

I've never seen another like it. It's big time storage for your honey! $15

Little Brown Bear: 5 x 3.5R

He's perfect except for a little paint missing from his nose and tie. $15

Blonde Brothers: COOKIE JAR: 8 x 6R and HONEY BEAR: 5 x 3.5R

The brothers will guard your sweets! The cookie jar has a very good repair (his right ear) and the honey bear has a very slight crack across his head which appears to be from manufacture and not abuse. $30/set of two

Little Brown Bear's Fraternal Twin: 5 x 3.5R

TOO CUTE! his little pads are painted! $15

Popular Bear: 6 x 4R

Must be popular - we have THREE. And each has their own "personality". Their Eyes, Nose and Honey are painted on after the glaze - so some of them are "thin" of paint in spots. $13/each/choice