• Raw Natural HONEY

from the "Holyland"


• Oil & Beeswax BALMS


• Homemade Vegetable

Based SOAPS & Shampoo Bars


• Glycerin Soap

& Shampoo bars


• Honey-THemed



• Chemical free &

Alternative Skin Care

From the Hive to Your Home

Shop with Confidence.

We hope that you will LOVE the products.  They are made with great care and in honor of the bees and what they provide.  Simple is best - NO GOOEY, GLOSSY, GUNK ADDED - EVER.


Fragrances, when added, are SKIN SAFE and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) FREE.


Shipping & Ordering:

We'll ship orders over $40 at our expense.  May I suggest you get together with family and friends and put an order together - share the joy.


If you have any problems going through the site's PAYPAL interface - just email the order.


Continental USA orders only.  No Shipping for Honey outside of Wisconsin


• Honey

• Lip & Body Balms

• Lotions, Butters

• Soaps and Shampoo Bars


• Honey Pots for

your Liquid Gold!


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